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Hair loss is the most common hair problem and a prompt diagnosis of the type is very useful in appropriate treatment.

Hair analysis is a test in which a sample of a person’s hair is taken and analysed under the microscope. Dermascopy of the hair and scalp, done to visualize them at greater magnification is called trichoscopy. It is a novel diagnostic technique, simple and non invasive for diagnosing common hair and scalp disorders. The number of hairs, hair shaft diameter, abnormalities of scalp, skin colour help to determine the modality and duration of treatment..


It is an electro chemical process, in which a small direct current is used on the skin or scalp or nails to deliver medication at a constant rate to a depth of 6-20mm. It is a painless, sterile, non-invasive technique. It is used to treat hairfall, hyperhidrosis, nail psoriasis, pigmentation and for facial rejuvenation.

With increasing use of nail paints, nail art, acetone, repeated manicures, cosmetic nail procedures and detergents, the nail plate undergoes repeated damage resulting in rough, lusterless and pigmented nails. Besides that, fungal infection of nails, lichen planus infecting nails, nail pitting and ridging due to various diseases also cause cosmetically disfiguring nails. Severe nail psoriasis can impact the quality of life. Topical nail delivery is challenged by the structure of the nail and low permeability of drugs across the nail plate. Iontophoresis efficiently enhances drug permeation and transport across the nail plate. It is a painless, easily administered, cost effective out patient treatment.


It is a virtually painless injection of vitamins, minerals, medications and amino acids placed just under the surface of the skin to deliver corrective treatment to a specific area. The common applications of mesotherapy are spot weight reduction, hair loss, scar revision, cellulite reduction, wrinkle elimination.

For Skin Rejuvenation (Mesolift): Mesolift infuses the skin with potent vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants to rejuvenate and revitalize it. These facilitate the skin’s ability to build collagen and elastin as well as hold onto moisture. The skin becomes noticeably firm, youthful, radiant, and more hydrated.

For Hair Restoration (MesoHair): Mesotherapy works well in restoring hair. Medications which are traditionally applied topically and/or taken orally are injected into the scalp. Through this, the medication at full strength, without getting broken down by the liver or kidneys, reaches the target hair follicle. The result is a significant decrease in hair loss and an increase in hair growth.


It is a technique which involves the infusion of hair growth serum through a needle less procedure which helps hair growth.


It is a non -invasive light source treatment that emits no sound, heat, or vibration.It reduces the inflammation, promotes tissue regeneration, and prevents tissue damage. It helps to grow hair thicker and healthier and slow down hair loss.





Botox injections on the scalp relaxes the muscle which reduces the pressure on the muscle which in turn increases the blood supply and oxygenation to the scalp to help hair growth.


Regenera technology uses progenitor cells derived from the patients own scalp to nourish, balance and enhance regeneration of hair follicles.



It is the use of extreme cold to treat many skin conditions. It can remove abnormal tissue like warts and skin tags. Superficial cryotherapy is used for treating alopecia , plaque psoriasis, lichen sclerosis, prurigo nodularis.


Steroids with low solubility or 5 flurouracil or bleomycin is injected at the affected site. Several sessions are needed to see improvement. It is used in treating keloids, cystic acne, alopecia aerata, warts.


It is a 308mm laser with ultraviolet B radiation system. It helps in the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, alopecia aerata, atopic dermatitis.